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[08/16/17]   LAST DAY AT PC BARBER
Well, everyone is asking when my last day at the shop is. So here goes:
1. July 25th I injured my right knee and have been wearing a brace on it since the 26th of July.
2. I have been on prescribed medication since August 7th that is for pain and swelling.
3. As of today August 16th the problem is still getting worse and it is hard to stand all day (PRAYERS APPRECIATED).
4. After talking to J.D., we have decided my last day will be August 31st 2017.
Also I have another job waiting at ABC Taxi. This job will allow me to work more with addicts, alcoholics and those that need God. Please keep this Ministry work in your Prayers.
Again thank you all for being loyal customers and good friends for the last 7 years. I'll being Praying God's Blessings for you all every day!!!!!
[08/07/17]   Well J.D. and I went to the bank today, so as of 9-1-17 the shop will be J.D.'s Park City Barber.
As soon as we get another barber to take my place I'm out of here. Alirix Medical Emergency Fund Bryanna Ross has posted a new update!
[06/22/17]   I wish to thank all my customers for coming to Park City Barber.
This page is being shut down due to my selling the shop to J.D.
I will post a link to his Park City Barber Page once it is set up.

Park City Barber

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