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[09/01/20]   Back to School haircuts are 10.00
Call to book
[08/10/20]   Pampered Day Salon has been inspected by State Board and Approved. We are officially open on Thursday August 13th 2020. Call and schedule today. 316-305-2122
Christina Valyo
Pampered Day Salon's cover photo
The past 9 years at this location have been a blessing! Over the Covid Shut down for 10 weeks, I have decited to relocate the salon to my house. During these crazy times, we are all adjusting to. i have decided to down size and make things safer for my clients. if there is another shut down, being a home business. i will be able to remain open, and continue to take care of my customers. Kim Aldrich is starting a new Journey in Kechi salon. It has been a pleasure to work beside Kim for the last 8 1/2 years. we have wonderful customers, that we cherish. The Park City commumity has blessed Kim and I over the years of our service to them. we have formed many friendships and bonds. many are more the just clients, some family. We look forward to seeimg you all at the new locations..

please reach out to your stylist for location. phones numbers are the same.

Christina Kim
316-305-2122 316-305-9203
[07/22/20]   August 18th salon will open at new location.
5920 N. Seneca St.
[07/22/20]   Pampered Day is relocating.
July 31st. will be salon's last day.
[05/10/20]   Happy Mothers Day to all our beautiful client's. May your day be blessed and happy Barbershops, salons, bars, gyms among KS businesses not yet cleared to reopen Unfortunately we will not be opening on may 5th. May 19th will be our reopen date. If you have scheduled with christina. Please keep time and move it to two weeks from your scheduled appointment.

Please remember to-

bring a mask to wear.
Come alone
Sanitize your hands when entering building
Come at scheduled time

Only one customer per stylist at a time.
We look forward to seeing everyone in a few more weeks. The first phase of the three-phase reopening plan doesn't clear every business in Kansas to reopen.
[04/30/20]   Good morning everyone. Next Tuesday we reopen. Started taking appointments yesterday. Already booked till the 12th of may. If your needing in call and schedule a appointment today so you don't have a long wait time. Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces.
[04/21/20]   As of today, the governor is saying we can open in may. So as long as there is not an extension to the quarinteen . We will reopen, on may 5th. One client per stylist at a time. All other clients will have to wait outside till their appointment. We look forward to seeing you all very soon.
[03/23/20]   Due to Corona virus, governor is closing us!
We will reopen when they allow us.
Stay safe!!!
[03/19/20]   Due to Corona 19 virus

We ask all clients to leave all personal items in car.

Please dont come early, come at appointment time only.

Do not come in unless you have a appointment, call if you need to schedule.

Please if someone brought you, have them come back or wait in car.

Please sanitize hands when you enter salon.

If you have no appointment, do not enter salon.

Thank you for understanding. During this difficult and unsure time we are all in. We ask you to follow our guidelines. As to not spread this virus to our elderly clients. For they are the ones at greatest risk. Thank you
[03/16/20]   Good evening!
All stylist in salon will be wiping down sink. chairs, dryers, after every use. This is to keep stations sanitized in shop at all times for clients and stylist. As to keep others from getting sick. This is a difficult time for all clients. Especially our senior clients!
As to protect them we ask everyone that may not be feeling well, to please reschedule, or wear a mask. Thank you
Our princess customer of the week!
[12/17/19]   Last week to get scheduled for christmas!! We still have a couple of openings. Call to get scheduled today. 😀😀😀

Christina will be on Christmas vacation from 25th of December till the 30th of December.
[12/17/19]   Pampered Day Salon,
Wishes all our customers a
[02/14/19]   Happy Valentine's Day to all our wonderful customers!
I hope your day is filled with love and laughter!
[08/03/18]   Its Back To School time. Christina is offering $10.00 cuts for back to school children. Schedule soon to make sure you get in before the 15th.
I Kid You Not All because her hair was "too extra." 😂
[06/21/18]   Just a friendly reminder. Forth of july is coming soon. Come get a splash of color or new cut to start out with a bang this year. We Still have openings, but going quick. Christina will be closed from June 30th till july 5th. kim will be closed june 30th only. Linda will not be closing this year.

Pampered Day Salon will only be closed on the 4th of july!

Please check with your stylist for eligibility.

Thanks, be safe and have a great 4th of July!
[05/24/18]   I see a few of you are trying to book a appointment. Unfortunately facebook wont allow me access to see who you are. I sincerely appologise for the inconvenience. Please call salon at 316-305-2122. I would love to schedule you.
Just got the green and red henna in had to test it out.
We are excited to add Henna Tattoo service to salon. This will be avaliable in March. We have several colors. Here is a few samples.
Pampered Day Salon's cover photo
[09/22/17]   Pampered Day Salon is going to the The Cottage Grand opening today!

Someone is sending us lots of love. Last month we received a Payton heart. I past it on to a client, this week we received a ICT Rock. To whomever is leaving these little treasures we would like to thank you. We will be definitely pass it on
[08/30/17]   So I'm doing a give back to my customers!
Stop by salon and enter your name into drawing for a free service. Every month I will pick a service to give away in drawing. Must be Christina's client, come into salon and enter in drawing. That simple, I will collect names all month long. At end of month I will draw one name as winner. Every month I will pick a new service. For September it will be a free pedicure! So starting September 1st you can come enter. Look forward to seeing everyone, and good luck to all that participate
Please Help Me!!! Please forward this!!!!

A pink crochet heart with a tag was left in salon yesterday sometime. I wasn't sure what it was so I left it, in case that person came back for it. So this morning I picked up the heart. It is from the PeytonHeartProject, with a in loving memory of tag. My dear friend Phyliss came in this morning, after listening to her story about her beloved mother I knew this 💓 was for her. Her mother has gone to sit by God's side with her father. Pink is her mother's favorite color, and she also crochet. This ment the world to her. So if you left this in my Salon, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Phyliss would also like to thank you. God is Amazing and working through all of us! The signs are all around, just look for them.
[07/19/17]   Back to school time!🚍🚃🚍 Hard to believe summer is almost over. I'm so glad you all enjoyed your trips, family events, friends, and holidays.

Let's start this school year with Bang!
Back to school haircut $10.00💈💈💈💈
w/shampoo $13.00💈💈💈💈

$10.00 off any cut & color for high school, college students
Call and schedule an appointment!
Paige Newsted came in shop today for a new style!
I absolutely love it, straight and curly.
[07/07/17]   We hope everyone had a fun and safe fourth of July! Summer is so fun! Pool time, vacations, fun trips, sports, sandal season.
Come in and get a pedicure so your feet stay smooth and cute! Schedule in month of July and get free nail art on two nails.
Logan won prom Queen again this year! Congratulations.
Prom for Valley Center! Thank you Logan for letting Pampered Day Salon be part of your special day again.
Pampered Day Salon is so excited about Solle Naturals! Changing lives with the Solle effect
[04/20/17]   It's spring time! Come get your Delux pedicure, and pamper yourself! Special price 20.00

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