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Recent social media posts by Sunny's Family Salon

[02/18/16]   Shannon is working in the shop today. She is going to be at Ogden shop for now on.
[01/21/16]   Due to the roads we will not be open today.
Sunny's Family Salon
[01/19/16]   Sunny is in the shop today
[07/21/15]   Sara is the only one cutting hair in the shop now. If you want sunny call ahead. Mandie is no longer with us at the shop :(
[07/06/15]   Sara and Mandie
[06/28/15]   Sara and Christine
[06/27/15]   Sara today
[06/15/15]   Sara and Mandie. Sunny isn't cutting hair until after 1pm.
[06/06/15]   Sara and mandie
[06/01/15]   Sara and Mandie.
Nana is no longer working for us.
[05/25/15]   Sara and Mandy
[05/22/15]   Sara in mandy.
[05/19/15]   Sara and Mandy
[05/17/15]   Sara is here
[05/17/15]   Sunny is working. And Mandy will be coming in around 130.
[05/16/15]   Sara and Christian.
[05/14/15]   Miranda and Sara is in Ogden shop today.
[05/12/15]   Mandie is here today.
**reminder that Sunny does NOT cut hair during week days until after 3pm. Saturdays she cuts hair from open 9am to close 6pm. Sundays varys but your best bet would be after 3pm as well. And salon will still be closed on Wednesdays.
[05/09/15]   Jennifer is here today but we are closing at 3pm .
[05/07/15]   Kelly is the only one cutting hair today.
**Sara will be back in the shop on Thursday of next week.
[05/05/15]   Maddie is cutting hair today. Sunny won't be until after 3pm.
[05/04/15]   Maddie is cutting hair today. Sunny will be cutting hair after 3pm.
[05/03/15]   Maddie and Sunny today.
[05/02/15]   Sunny and kelly today
[05/01/15]   Maddy and Kelly today
[04/27/15]   Miranda will be cutting hair till close today. Sunny will start cutting at 3pm till close.
[04/26/15]   Jennifer and Sunny today. If you want Sunny to cut your hair today i would wait until 12:30. Thats when her son will be in the other shop cooking.
[04/24/15]   Miranda today
[04/23/15]   Just Miranda cutting hair today in Ogden shop.
[04/20/15]   Sunny and Shannon are in the Ogden shop today. Come get your hair cut if you didnt get to yesterday.
Iconic Nails by Brittany Daily specials posted on my page for this week. Check them out and call to make a appointment 785-320-6320 I am a licensed nail technician graduated from Bellus Academy.
I offer manicures and pedicures, acyrlics and gels.
[04/19/15]   Sunny and Pam are here in the shop doing hair today.
[04/18/15]   Hey! Its just Sunny and the nail tech Brittany in the Ogden salon today. So if you've been waiting for Sunny to cut your hair todays the day! Also Brittanys special today is free glitter with any nail service. Have a good weekend and drive safe.
[04/16/15]   Notice: Sunny's Bulgogi House is busy mostly every morning for lunch! So Sunny will not be cutting hair. If you absolutely need it to be Sunny then call the salon at 785-320-6320 to call ahead so she can plan accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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