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New soaps are in again! Cranberry Spruce, Rainbow Rhapsody, Celestial Waters, and Bonne Mere! Christmas is coming! (Or, just treat yourself because, the RONA!) Loveliness! ❤️#supportlocal#cleanyourself#washyourhandsplease
Look what’s in!!!! Super thin, fit in your pocket hand sanitizers! Lasts up to 250 squirts! $5 only! Happy and clean!!! Happy Friday!!!
[10/11/20]   So, it’s been brought to my attention that a lot of people are still using 785.840.0407 to try to reach me. That was my landline for almost 21 years, but with Covid and everything else, I had to delete it. It was just too frustrating. Please use 785.218.5575 from here on out to contact me for appointments. Thank you! I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Sunday! 🔵❤️
Welcome to the 🔵 family Leaf+Flower! My newest line, CBD! Cruelty free, vegan and DELISH! Can’t wait fo you all to try it. I know you’ll LOVE it! Amazing! 🔵❤️
New soaps are in! Zen garden, summer nights, cedar saffron, lemon juice, orange juice, lime juice , Shea on you, new scent to (my fave) madder root, and lilac confetti! Text me which ones you’d like and I can leave them outside for no contact pick up! Also, if you’re unsure of which one you want, I can leave hand sanitizer outside and the bars that she would like to smell. That way you know what you’re getting! They are WONDERFUL! Kalena Mama Soaps!
Had fun with this one! Isn’t she adorable??? #funcolors#coronahair#highschool
Love is love. People are people. Let’s love ALL the people, peeps! #BLM#MAKETHEHATESTOP#ENDRACISM
This......keep moving!!!
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Finally got the cute little hand sanitizers in! 3$! Available now! #washingisbest#inapinch#keepclean#don’ttouchyourface#coronavirus
I have been working very hard on my outdoor section of my house/salon. To be opening up Monday is a very exciting, stressful time. This area is for my families, because I am only allowing one person at a time inside, and taking all provisions and protocol. Once you have an appointment, I will send you all the criteria that I am asking you to do, and if you choose not to do it, then I choose not to do your hair. But, I think we’re all in this together. I can’t wait to see all of you again, under very different circumstances. 💖
These are the outside provisions that I’ve been doing to make sure that everyone is safe. Only one person inside at a time for me, my salon is completely vacant of any product except for what the person that is coming in next needs. It’s not perfect, but it’s going to get there. This is all the new thing. I’ve missed my time with my career, but it has also let me focus on my yard, which I never used to have time for. So, there’s a balance right? Excited to start seeing everyone on Monday. I will be sending you all provisions and precautions that I’m taking, and , there is a wavier that you need to sign. If you don’t want to do any of that, then, you can find another place to do your hair. There’s too many lives at stake with all of this.. Love you. Peace.
It was ONE year ago today , I opened up the Blue Dot at my house! Debbie Sue was my first client. Goes to show how much can change in a year .....opening soon, safely, taking ALL precautions to keep everyone and myself safe. See you soon people! ❤️🔵
A client sent this to me today. Please be patient, hopefully we get to see each other again soon! 
[04/11/20]   I just want to let people know, to my color clients, I am offering root touchups. Sanitized bowls and brushes, I will put developer and your color in the bowl. Cover them, set them outside the salon door. You come, pick up, and we discuss what you need to do with it. Please do not go buy store bought color! THIS I CAN DO FOR YOU! Just hold onto the bowl and brush until the next time that I hopefully get to do your hair. If it’s longer than that, then just bring them back and I will do the same thing for you. I’ve got you covered. Please do not color your hair with store-bought stuff. Our careers are going to be hectic enough when we get back at it, then having to do corrective colors as well.. PLEASE! We love you! We are all in this together! 
As we all know, we are on lockdown until the end of the month. I appreciate everyone’s reach out. I just want everyone to stay safe and be well. I will be working 24/7 when we are freed , to make up for this lost time! We are all in this together, let’s just pull through! We’ve GOT THIS! Love and miss you all. See you on the other side of this! ❤️❤️❤️
Things are definitely changing.....remember how THICK these were?? #technology#timesarechanging#bewell
I guess it worked out that my trip to Portugal was postponed . I will still be keeping my door shut this week and monitoring how everything is going. I do plan on opening back up the week of March 23, and already have booked many appointments. All we can do is take this day and day and keep informed. #staysafe#besmart#love
New earrings are in! Just delivered by the wonderful @jmbeeson !
Newest in from the amazing soap mama! Arabian spiced coffee oatmeal soap, lemon verbena with Calendula and poppy seed, cedar and saffron, AND whipped body butter. Omg, I want to eat all of these!#clean#localartist #kalenamama #can’tgetenough
It has bloomed! Happy freaking cold ass Kansas day!#freezing#springinside#love
Beautiful snowy day! Happy Wednesday! #whiteoutside#pretty#lovemylife
My Amaryllis is getting ready to bloom! Thanks Deleros Hopson! 💖
Another day in paradise! Make it a great one peeps! #bluedotsalon #lovemycareer#happiness
Beautiful lotion bars! Your skin will LOVE these! You must try! #soft#yummy#[email protected]
Pushing the day back by an hour, but I AM open today! All my peeps, PLEASE take it slow! #iceday#whereisthesnow?#alwaysworking#lovelife#fortunate
I also forgot the best for your skin, Shea on you, newly done with rose petals on top! Delish!!! #kalenamama#valentinestreat #getyousome
Valentine soaps are in! One heart is the scent of orange, ylang ylang , grapefruit and patchouli. Dual heart is mango tango, as well as the activated charcoal. Cupcake is lilac. Give the beautiful gift of soap! Seriously, the best soaps ever! #kalenamama #valentine#loveisALWAYSintheair#sweetness
No snow is keeping my people away! I’m open! Happy Snowy Saturday! 🙌🏼❤️
Chalkboard art by one of my clients today! Happy Friday! (So impressed he spelled my name right!). 💖 #happiness
New Year, New do for the Beautiful Laura Wolfe! Happy 2020 everyone!!!!
It’s IN!!! Newest line that I LOVE! You have to try it out! ELEVEN! (Second E is backwards, but I don’t know how to make that happen!🤣) #austrialianmade#shiny#clean#smooth#amazing @ The Blue Dot Salon#cruelryfree#smooth#volume#shine
Close out sale on Kevin Murphy products! 20 % off, while supplies last. I’ve loved Kevin Murphy, but, it’s time to move on. Going with a newer line, ELEVEN, which is just as amazing, if not more so! #closeout#ELEVEN#fresh#clean#crueltyfree#australianmade#antifade#colorsafe
New in! Leather works by my amazing friend, Jessica Beeson! Hypo-allergenic posts, wonderful designs! Great gifts! Come check them out! #localmade#artists#leather
MORE Kalena Mama soaps! So many choices, how to decide🤔💕. Come check them out, the holidays are among us! #shoplocal#supportlocalart#soaps#happy @kalenamama

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