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[06/22/19]   Looks like the road to recovery is working starting the 25 of June I will be going back to the shop. I do have to take a little therapy so you want to give a call or shoot a text to make sure I will be there hopefully it will not take to long. I can not express the amount of get well wish's and prayers from everyone the are greatly appreciated. Once again thank you and look forward to seeing everyone again. 62zero-987five.
[05/27/19]   The shop will be closed for at least another week. I have to go to Wichita hospital and get shocked to see if they can get my heart back in rhythm. They pain I was in all most all gone it was caused by bloating after they took 30 lbs. of fluid of me the pain went way down. I want to give everyone a big thank you for all the calls and prayers. We will keep you notified when we reopen. Thank you to everyone for being understanding.
[05/16/19]   Until further notice the shop is going to be closed, dad came back home and is doing better but needs some time to get his health in order. Thank you to everyone who has been a loyal customer and we look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.-Zack
[05/07/19]   Just a little update for everyone, the shop will be closed the rest of this week for now. Dad is still getting better and hopefully comes home the next couple of days but still has to take it easy before going back to work. Thank you for understanding-Zack
[05/05/19]   The shop is going to be closed at the minimum Tuesday and possibly longer this week, my dad (Mike) is in the hospital trying to get some health issues under control. Thank you for understanding-Zack
[12/12/18]   It's getting that time of year again, time to enjoy the holidays with friends,family and loved ones. Please take time to enjoy the holidays with someone that you do not see or talk to regularly it will mean a lot to them. Above all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Please be save in your travels and remember Jesus birthday.
[11/21/18]   Want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, please be safe in your travels if you are traveling. We are open till 5 today or later if you need just call or text me. Will be open black Friday normal hours and Saturday normal hours. Thank you Mike
[11/02/18]   Dang cannot believe it is that time of year again seems like we just moved the clock forward now it is time to move them back. One of our old customers used to tell us "life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer to the end you get the faster it goes." He may have been wise in his years cause this year is going by faster than most. Anyway thanksgiving is just 3 weeks away come on out and see us and get trimmed up for all the picture taking. Walk ins welcome appointments accepted.
[10/18/18]   just a heads up to everybody. looks like my cell service is acting up a again for some reason it will not let people call me but will let you leave a voice mail. if you leave a voicemail please leave name and number.
If it is important send me a text it works fine. Dam ATT phone
[07/02/18]   Summer finally cane on with a vengeance I do not remember it being this hot and humid this early. If you want to be a little cooler come on out and lets get rid of some that hair. Everyone be safe out in the heat remember to rehydrate also do not forget our 4 legged friends keep plenty of water and shade for our other children. Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July and a safe and happy summer. Once again thank you to everyone for your friendship and your business, if you happen to be out in the neighborhood just stop by and say hi. We will keep the AC on for you.
[12/14/17]   From my family to your family we want to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We also want to say thank you to all of you for your business and friendship.
[10/29/17]   Fall special, come in and see Mike for a beard trim, haircut, whatever your barber needs may be.

Mention you saw the Facebook add and get $2 off the haircut, only $10!

Offer good now through the end of November, as always call ahead for appointments at (620) 660-9875 or walk-ins welcome.
[10/26/17]   Hope everyone has a safe and happy arkalalaha this year. The barbershop will be open Saturday from 8:30 till noon if you need to get trimmed up if you need in later just give me a call at 620-660-9875
[08/29/17]   Starting Tuesday September 5th the shop will once again be open 8:30am-5pm Tuesday -Friday and 8:30-12 on Saturday.

Busy during that time? Call Mike at (620) 660-9875 and we'll get you fixed up.

Thanks for remaining a loyal customer during the odd hours the last couple years! I'm looking forwards to seeing many familiar and new faces!
[08/03/17]   We're going to be closed Thursday August 3rd through Monday the 7th for the Cowley County Fair, Tuesday the 8th will return to normal.

Thank you for the business and hope to see you soon, Mike.
[04/21/17]   To all my friends and customers. I will be closed the first week of May the 2nd thru the 9th. I have to attend a conference all that week for my night job, this is a mandatory conference i have to attend. Unfortunately this means I will have to be there from midnight till 4 pm and back at midnight every day. Thank you for understanding and for your business. I will be back in the shop normal hours on the 9th. as always if you would like to leave a message I will return your call as soon as possible. 620-660-9875 Thank you
[06/17/16]   Looks like summer is finally here. Please be careful in this heat wave we are having and please remember our 4 legged friends they require extra water and more frequent water changes. as always a big thank you to all of our patrons and friends. Mike
[11/13/14]   Changing hours for the winter. Open Tuesday thru Friday 1 30 till 5 00 pm, Saturday 9 till 1. Hope this does not cause any problems for you. As always walk ins welcome appointment accepted. Phone # 620-660-9875. Thanks Mike.
[09/24/14]   Well Autumn is officially here .Time for hoodies and bonfires. Looking forward to seeing the last run car show hope everyone has a good time.
[08/15/14]   The county finally got the vine ave. sealed and chipped. If anybody tried to come out Thursday it was a mess, road is open and in good shape. Look forward to seeing all of you. Once again and as always thank you for your patronage.
[07/09/14]   Looks like summer has finally decide to show it's face. If you are ready for that summer cut,or just need a haircut come on out and let us take care of that for you. As always walk ins welcome, appointments accepted , also if you need in after hours just give me a call. 620-660-9875 or if you like you can also text. thanks again. mike
[04/07/14]   Looks like spring has finally arrived. Looking forward to seeing all of your happy faces,and some new happy faces. Do not forget if you need in after hours just give me a call at 620-660-9875. looking forward to seeing everyone and as always thank you for your patronage.
[11/23/13]   Am truly happy, Donated 10 haircuts to acca (ark city christian academy ). For there fund raiser. They made there goal this your. If they raised up to 50.000 an anonymous donor would match it. Great news they made it. thank you to everyone that made this happen.
[11/06/13]   The holidays are approaching quickly, now is the time to come out and get trimmed up before family and friend gatherings. Appointments and walk-ins both welcome call Mike and get fixed up (620) 660-9875

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