Andover Barber Shop owner Tony Housel

108 W 3rd St, Andover, KS, 67002

Andover Barber Shop owner Tony Housel

108 W 3rd St

Andover, KS, 67002

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[08/08/18]   Reminder we are closed on Wednesday I will be there Thursday and Friday morning 8 to noon. Gary Monday and Tuesday Gary Saturday. Saturday 8 to 1 I will be at Augusta barber shop 505 State Street.
[11/08/17]   Don't forget people I will be there Thursday and Friday cutting away come on in 8 to 12.
[10/07/17]   Augusta your Barber Shop is open come on in.
[10/03/17]   619-2249 please call now that we have two locations to find out our hours and who's working. Thank you
[09/17/17]   Happy Sunday Andover remember we are open Monday through Saturday come on by for a cut.
[08/13/17]   Look good feel great get a haircut support your local barber shop thank you. And I'd like to thank all my loyal customers for sticking to our shop.
[08/01/17]   Does anybody know what's new at Andover barber shop? Same old thing Monday through Saturday we are open.
[07/10/17]   $14 haircuts all day long come see us.
[06/23/17]   $14 haircuts all day long come on in.
[04/29/17]   Last day people before the price hike. Even though the weather is wet slide on in.
Still time.
[03/27/17]   Andover chatter hello Community this week special. From 8:00 to noon $10 Tuesday. With the mention of seeing it on here.
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Many have asked beard oil do you have it? Answer yes we finally got it in.
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The time has come my wife finally posted a note on my mirror here at the shop.
Don't forget that holiday cut come on in.
Thank you for your understanding support.
Thank you Dalton. It was good to be apart of your haircut experience here at Andover Barber Shop.
Look at that barber Tony can do black men's hair to yea.
Show me a picture tell me what it's like and I will make it work. All for still $12.00
[06/28/16]   A lot of good things happening at the shop stop by and see.
New shop signs check it out. Mobile reminder.
Look at that whole new line of products shampoos conditioners face shave hair gels you name it I probably have it.
Andover Barber Shop owner Tony Housel's cover photo
Thank You Jacob for visiting the shop in your new toy. I know you bought 2 of them so your barber needs to play also.
[06/10/15]   97 degrees out today. And we're still cutting up in here. Come on in air conditioner is cold.
[06/09/15]   Well I think it's time to remodel the shop. plan is in motion. Tile or laminate o decisions. Have a nice day and get a haircut.
June 5th barber shop will be closed due to lunkhead other business flooding me out. Hope to be open the 6th.
Patching the parking lot at the shop oh man nice place to park now.
[04/22/15]   The rain has stopped come in and get your haircut. It's going to rain again this weekend hurry. $12.00
This weekend was great at the shop. So busy my Boss even got busy. Yep that's the wife what a gal.
For your safety needs now carrying. Pepper spray, stun guns. First day already have a first buyer come get yours while they last.
Are you tired of Roman noodles? Guess what my Asian neighbors just showed me new ones here at the shop. Check these out. Yes they even come with stuff in them. Looks like shrimp onions jalapeno a lot of options. I will have to visit an Asian market.
get your raffle tickets here. Honor guard flight of Kansas. $20.00 ticket donations you could win this baby. 22 cal lever action fully engraved.

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  • Monday08:00 - 17:30
  • Tuesday08:00 - 17:30
  • Wednesday08:00 - 17:30
  • Thursday08:00 - 17:30
  • Friday08:00 - 17:30
  • Saturday08:00 - 15:00

Andover Barber Shop owner Tony Housel

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